Sunday, April 18, 2010

Less Than 2 Weeks Left

Well, it's been a tough road so far - no paper for 40 days - what was I thinking!!! LOL!

We're under 2 weeks left now tho - how time flies! How is everyone else doing with this challenge? I have to say it's been kind of fun looking for other things to put in my shopping cart - cuz ya know I'm still shopping - of course!!

I have even taken this time to organize a shelf for all of my patterned paper. I packed up 2 FULL banker's boxes of magazines to make room! I now have most of my patterned paper all on one shelf in my craft room. It's a constant reminder that I don't NEED any more!! What I NEED is to start using it more. I still don't have room for my patterned paper pads (like 20 of them!) but I'm working on making space for them too.

Here's a picture of the newly organized shelf... not the greatest photo I've ever taken with my phone, but you get the picture :) So, we're in the home stretch now... don't give up!!! :D


  1. LOL!!! Okay, I thought I was bad, but you are worse :-) I really hate that I'm such a paper addict. I've been shopping this weekend but hoping I can avoid buying more paper.

  2. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read your post. Then went I started to write this, I found that Kim had already beat me.....we are ALL the SAME!!! We all seem to have the same addictions! PAPER and STAMPS. Can't live without them. And do you do as I do and maybe buy 3 of whatever design I like so that if I do use a sheet of paper, then I have two more remaining. Like I'm afraid of running OUT?? Sick, sick, sick. So much time, too, is spent ORGANIZING the darn room! I'm glad we share so much in common! OH, by the way.....haha...I love the flower card! LOVE. IT. Carol


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