Monday, March 22, 2010

A Spring Challenge For You!

Hi everyone!

As a tribute to Spring, I am issuing a challenge to all of my stamping friends out there! It's a tough one (at least for me anyway!)

Spring is a time of regeneration and renewal... the flowers are peaking out and the trees are getting ready to burst into a leafy green frenzy! Spring is also a time for airing out the house, deep cleaning and detoxifying.

Starting today until the end of April, I pledge to save trees by not buying any new crafting paper! I am going to work on USING my existing stash of beautiful papers and scraps!

Will I have the willpower? Do you? Let's do it together - there is strength in numbers - invite a friend!! Please join the fun via Mr. Linky and we'll count the "detox" days together and blog about it as we go!

Here is my first project using my stash of scraps!
I can't wait to see yours!


  1. I so needed this!!! Let the fun begine!!

  2. Beautiful card- love the colors and of course the flower is gorgeous!!!

  3. Beautiful card!!

    I am in! A) I have a ton of paper that I need to use up and B) I can't afford to buy anything new right now anyway! ;0)

  4. so does this mean we can't use the beautiful stack of paper we picked up from Julie's cousin the other night?? Lol, sorry just had to ask :p!

    Inky Hugs,

  5. WooHoo, I was the proud recipient of this gorgeous card! Your flower is so pretty! Thanks again, Val! :)

  6. ok...I am here to confess to my sin. I was speaking to a friend at the lss, and she was telling me about some GORGEOUS new papers that had come in....I quickly hung up the phone so I wouldn't be tempted anymore. THEN this other friend called me ( I will not mention any names) and asked if I wanted to go to the lss. OMG, how could I resist now, it was fate! The beautiful, luscious papers....I could smell them as I walked in the door, actually I could even hear them calling my BOUGHT SOME PAPER??? I am so bad...I deserve to be punished, (be nice now Val) BUT, I will try no buy again! Grrrr...this is going to be so much harder than I thought....and the new basic grey papers are coming in....someone PLEASE hold me back, disconnect my phone...don't let me answer the door....and so


  7. Sorry to hear that you fell off the wagon, Kim! I can't imagine who would drive you to the lss KNOWING full well that she had challenged you to not buy any paper!? Seems like a mean thing to do!!! LOL! I guess we both get wet noodle punishment!! :D


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